Youth Social Accountability

The Youth Social Accountability approach

Introduction to youth social accountability


Youth social accountability for health: youth hold public officials and service providers to account for the provision of their entitlements, including quality, equitable, and accessible health care, health education, and other social protection schemes.

YARO supports partners in implementing youth-led social accountability, documenting learnings, and providing organizational and technical capacity strengthening in response to needs identified.

Why youth social accountability for health?

Potential gains from youth social accountability:

  • Can contribute to adolescent-responsive health systems.
  • Improve quality of services and programming for youth.
  • Foster positive youth development (PYD) and leadership.
  • Meaningfully engage youth in a systematic and sustainable way to advance their health and human rights.
  • Despite potential value there has been limited documentation and systematic learning about youth social accountability for health.

Community Score Card Session in Sagnarigu, Northern Region

Community Score Card Session in Jana, Sissala East - Upper West Region

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  3. Governance and Gender

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